Target: TrK family | Indication: Cancer

Introduction / Brief Description

In July 2013, Array initiated a multi-year license and collaboration agreement with Loxo Oncology for certain Array-invented compounds targeted at the Trk family of receptors, including LOXO-101, which is currently in a Phase 2 trial in patients with cancer. There is a growing body of scientific literature implicating Trk alterations in diverse tumor types, including neuroblastoma and lung, thyroid and breast cancer.  Many downstream pathways important in cancer are stimulated by activated Trk, such as the PI3-kinase and MAP-kinase pathways.  Drugs targeting these pathways have generated responses in both solid and hematologic tumors.

Loxo will fund Array’s research and will be responsible for target selection and conducting clinical trials. Array is eligible to receive up to $435 million in milestone payments and to receive royalties on sales of any resulting drugs. In addition, Array received an equity position in Loxo Oncology.