Target: Pan-HER | Disease State: Cancer

Introduction / Brief Description

Varlitinib, a novel, oral pan-HER inhibitor, was invented by Array and licensed to ASLAN Pharmaceuticals. Varlitinib has shown clinical activity in both HER2-positive and EGFR-positive tumors. In January 2018, Array granted ASLAN full global rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize varlitinib. The 2018 agreement replaces and supersedes the July 2011 agreement, between Array and ASLAN. Varlitinib is being developed for biliary tract, gastric, colorectal and breast cancer.

Clinical Trials

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Publications and Presentations



Heterocyclic Compounds GRC

Process Research and Development of the Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Varlitinib Tosylate (ARRY-543 Ditosylate)

D. D. Hennings, et al.



American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

Selective Inhibitors of the ErbB-Family of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase

E. Wallace, Ph.D.



American Association for Cancer Research, Chemical and Biological Aspects of Inflammation and Cancer

Pan-ErbB Inhibition by ARRY-334543 is Superior to Selective ErbB Inhibition in a Preclinical Model that Signals Through Multiple ErbB Receptors

R. Blackwell, et al.

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These compounds and their uses are investigational and have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This information is presented only for purposes of providing a general overview of our clinical trials.